Trap Poems & Lit Drawings by David Aaron Greenberg


Expanding on contemporary oral traditions, David Aaron Greenberg coins the terms “Trap Poems” and “Lit Drawings” as representations of lyrical and figurative poetry. Pushing form firmly into the musical and literary landscape, the artist’s complementary drawings further illuminate the printed word.

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“Trap Poems & Lit Drawings” by David Aaron Greenberg is a captivating collection intertwining expressive poetry and striking visual art across its 47 pages. Through eloquent verses and evocative drawings, Greenberg delves into the complexities of modern existence, exploring themes of love, loss, resilience, and the human spirit. Each page is a journey, inviting readers to immerse themselves in a unique fusion of word and image, offering a fresh perspective on life’s myriad emotions and experiences. This anthology from Trops Publishing is a testament to the power of creativity, inviting readers to explore the intersection of literature and visual artistry.

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